in Kooperation mit der Deutschen Vereinigung zur Bekämpfung der Viruskrankheiten e.V.

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The KNAW Beijerinck Virology Prize is awarded every two years to an internationally renowned researcher, who has distinguished himself or herself internationally in the field of virology, including its biochemical and biophysical aspects. The biennial prize was established in 1965 and consists of a cash prize of € 35,000 and a medal engraved with the image of M.W. Beijerinck. The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) is responsible for selecting the winner.

The deadline for nominations is 1 October 2018.

Dear Colleagues,
we would like to draw your attention to the


XXIVth Annual Conference of the German Society for Gene Therapy (DG-GT)


It will take place from


26.-28. September 2018 in Freiburg in the Forum Merzhausen.

Please mark this event in your calendar and point it out to your colleagues as well.


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