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At the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut headquarters Greifswald – Insel Riems we are looking to fill 5 Postdoctoral Scientist positions for 24 months. Successful applicants will work as part of an internal research consortium encompassing 7 work packages focused on the theme „Illuminating virus host interactions of high-consequence zoonotic viruses in vitro and in vivo“, and will investigate virus host interactions of highly pathogenic Filo-, Arena, Henipa-, and Bunyaviruses on the molecular, cellular, tissue, and organism level.

We are looking for a talented and highly motivated PhD student to join the research group “Retrovirus Transmission” of Dr. Xaver Sewald at the Max von Pettenkofer-Institute,
Department of Virology at the LMU Munich. The position is initially funded for 36 months by the DFG (TV-L E13, 65%) and is available from May 2018.

The PhD position requires a master´s degree/diploma in life sciences or related disciplines.

The Emmy Noether research group of Florian I. Schmidt at the Institute of Innate Immunity of the University of Bonn is currently offering

2 PhD positions in Molecular Immunology

(1 PhD position as part of the German-Australian graduate program Bo&MeRanG)

Full applications should include a brief statement on research interests, a CV, list of publications (if applicable), and contact information for two referees, compiled into a single pdf file.

The Division for Molecular  Virology of Human Infectious Diseases at the University Hospita Tübingen, Germany (Prof. Dr. Michael Schindler), invites candidates to apply for a vacancy with the following project:

Postdoc/PhD Student in Molecular Virology

‐ to study intracellular trafficking and release of hepatitis c virus.
‐ to functionally characterize and optimize a novel pan‐flavivirus inhibitor.